We use only the highest quality raw materials to produce malt that satisfies even the most demanding customers.


JSC „Lietuviškas salyklas“ is the only producer of rye malt in Lithuania. The company uses the newest equipment and innovative technologies.


Since its establishment in 2000 the company has been successfully cooperating with customers from Lithuania and over 10 European countries.

JSC “Lietuviškas salyklas”

Unique, lush, brown colored rye bread is distinguished by its wonderful aroma and exceptional taste. These qualities are achieved by adding natural fermented rye malt during bread production. At the beginning of its activities JSC "Lietuviškas salyklas" specialized in the production of milled fermented rye malt. Today the company's range includes not only rye malt, but also wheat malt, their products and various natural additives for the bread industry.


Fermented rye malt

  • Not milled
  • Milled
  • Dark milled
  • Germinated rye grains
  • Germinated rye grains in syrup
  • Crushed dark rye grains
  • Thermally stabilized “Rugemalta”

Unfermented (active) rye malt

  • Not milled
  • Milled
  • Crushed light rye grains

Wheat malt

  • Not milled
  • Milled “Kvietelis”
  • Crushed wheat grains
  • Thermally stabilized “Kvietamalta”

Other products

  • Germinated buckwheat grains
  • Baking mix "Dark"
  • Baking mix "Light"



Registration No.: 110845912

VAT No.: LT108459113

Address: Radvilų Dvaro str. 2A, LT-48319 Kaunas, Lithuania

E-mail: info@salyklas.lt

Alma Lelešienė +370 614 14879
(Russian contact)

Business development manager:
Giedrius Katinas +370 646 53244
(English contact)

Ieva Kasiulionytė +370 686 72988